Trafalgar Muzzle Loaders

Welcome to the Trafalgar Muzzle Loaders


We are a small friendly muzzle loading black powder shooting club in our 31st year affiliated to the Muzzle Loading Association Great Britain, meeting Sunday mornings to enjoy a variety of clay pigeon sporting targets at our grounds near Lichfield Staffordshire

Members shoot a mixture of matchlocks, flintlocks, percussion cap and breech loading guns with black powder. We share an interest in the history of these guns as well as the challenge of shooting clay pigeons!

We are a very sociable club, men and women, young and old, and we aim to make shooting muzzle loaders enjoyable. We welcome experienced shooters and newcomers. If you haven’t tried shooting a flintlock come and have a go.

See more details on the About Us page – or contact us for information.