Trafalgar Muzzle Loaders


Welcome to the Trafalgar Muzzle Loaders new website.

The Club is now well into its 25th year of operation and two years since our move from the Nelson Inn at Chorley where we were becoming increasingly restricted in the layouts we could set up. This was due to part of the field being set aside for allotment purposes. Remarkably, during our 23 year tenure there we experienced no less than eight landlords!

Initial financial concerns over the move have fortunately proved groundless and the club continues to thrive and enjoy testing layouts with ample space and very few restrictions. Ill health has, unfortunately,   recently taken its toll of members; however, two recent additions to the membership have proven to be very worthwhile participants in every way. One of whom is responsible for our new website!

We continue to enjoy a good relationship with the BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) and appear at their annual Game Fair at Catton Hall by invitation each year.  Occasions such as these give the public the opportunity to try out, in half an hour, guns covering three hundred years of weapon development, from Oliver Cromwell to Queen Victoria and matchlocks through flintlocks to double barrel percussion guns.

These guns are not just used for special occasions they are the guns used every fortnight at our shoots. Several members regularly use guns made in the late 1800’s while others use well made replicas.

Visitors are sure of a welcome on shoot days so come along and see us you will find it interesting, you may even find you like it, if not you can always try our neighbours, Delta Force Paintballer’s who will be equally pleased to welcome you.

The Chairman